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I've made a new post about some experimentation and continued development of my figurative painting series 'Being'. Pledge to participate in feedback and gain insight into the progress of the series.


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My current figurative series of paintings titled 'Being' is underpinned by my exploration of topics connected to scientific theories and issues of 'illusion of self', 'influence of environments' and 'consciousness'. 

 My concept is to present the person interacting with abstract expressive opaque-like forms to loosely symbolise my interpretations. 

I aim to continue and develop the series over the next year towards an exhibition which entails material and promotional costs hence the need for support. Patrons get regular updates and tier-based rewards along with opportunity to engage with me directly with the development of the series.

 For more information and if you would like to support this body of work towards an exhibition and generally me as an artist - you can do so for as little as £3.00 per month through my Patreon page. 


'Balaton Áramlatok' / 'Balaton Flow' solo exhibition

We are holding a solo exhibition of the Balaton series and a few additional paintings from my conceptual figurative bodies of work informed by my interest in science and psychology - of which actually makes up the majority of my work. Studies on our  relationship and interaction with our environment inspires me greatly along with many other avenues.

All artworks displayed are available to purchase at affordable special discounted prices for the exhibition duration. If you would like to enquire about purchasing, commissioning artwork or further information please contact Darren via the contact page or speak to the present gallery staff member.

Thank you and we sincerely hope you enjoy the exhibition!

OPENING NIGHT (with live music and drinks): Thursday 4th August 6pm until late
DURATION: 10am - 5pm daily finishing on Saturday 6th AugustLOCATION: Community House, Zalaszántó, Fő út 83-85.

New work: 'Viola'

My portrait of Viola is complete. It feels good to finally get some new work up, and to be diving into paintwork again. This portrait changed considerably during it's creation, I would pin it to my becoming familiar with the medium again. 

My next project will be a triptych/trilogy of oil paintings which I intend to change slightly aesthetically and in regards to composition and aperture. All will be revealed!

If you would like to enquire about or commission me to create a bespoke portraiture please get in touch via the contact page or here.  


Work in progress

Here's a peek at one of the two images I'm working on at present. It has changed quite a bit along its creation, so the final result may be fairly different from what you see here! 

Myself and my partner are also getting our collaborative blog about our relocation and new life in Europe up to scratch, when it's up and running I'll post a link and info about here. 

My supplies for the new series of oil paintings will arrive tomorrow (w'ey)!, I'm excited (and anxious of course) about this body of work. I believe the images and the concept will break open another dimension to my practice, and much richer one in my evolution as an artist. 

Things have been slow due to the move and everything that goes with that, things are starting to settle so I should be getting my head down and getting productive.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.09.05.png

Online shop under maintenance and update

My online shop is under maintenance for a week due to a re-jiggle. Email me in the meantime if you wish to order or inquire. 

I have just recently re-located to central Europe hence the delay in finishing the current works-in-progress. Speaking of which is a new mixed media painting and a  portraiture acrylic painting. Next I will be creating a new series of paintings which I can't wait to get started on! 

I also hope to utilise this blog more along the way! :)


Been a good while since I posted on here - there's good reason for it though. Which will all be revealed in coming weeks :)