Work in progress

Here's a peek at one of the two images I'm working on at present. It has changed quite a bit along its creation, so the final result may be fairly different from what you see here! 

Myself and my partner are also getting our collaborative blog about our relocation and new life in Europe up to scratch, when it's up and running I'll post a link and info about here. 

My supplies for the new series of oil paintings will arrive tomorrow (w'ey)!, I'm excited (and anxious of course) about this body of work. I believe the images and the concept will break open another dimension to my practice, and much richer one in my evolution as an artist. 

Things have been slow due to the move and everything that goes with that, things are starting to settle so I should be getting my head down and getting productive.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.09.05.png