Dudes and dudettes,

As my 2nd BA Illustration year approaches in late september I am continuing (allbeit slowly due to other things) to work on images for two competitions. "Awfulising" was entered into a competition in July, results will be published in two months or so - fingers crossed :) I am also half way through an image to present as an example for a possible commission so busy times!!

Theres a lot of nice ideas and images I have produced - they just need to be put together into final outcomes. Time and energy have not been my friends of late! I am hoping with a few weeks to myself before Uni starts I will be able to solely focus on finish these projects.

This blog page also needs a re-shuffle, I am going to move my images into blog posts so they can be slotted into the different projects etc.

Another item on my 'to do' list is to pop down to a local t-shirt printers to print off one of my designs and look into larger quantities and selling them online. Relatively, my website will be under construction this coming winter.

Meanwhile feel free to write a post or email me at dazmundolover@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to make any enquiries for artwork, t-shirts, tattoos etc.