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Support my figurative painting series 'Being' on Patreon

The aim for my Patreon page is to simply raise support from people who like/appreciate this body of work to help me cover the ongoing material and future promotional costs towards organising an exhibition of the paintings once enough are completed (excluding those that may be sold prior). 

See the pledge tiers for the rewards and perks I am offering in return for your kind support. I post regular progress updates. An opportunity to critically engage with the journey of this series is also present through becoming a patron, this excites me very much because I will be able to pick your brains about how my work is digested by different people.

As many an artist knows, creating for a living is a very intrinsic impulse yet it can be difficult to get your work seen to the right audience thus improving your income stability and career. I hope you can feel the craftsmanship and concept throughout my paintings upon viewing and feel this body of work is worthy of your pledge.

Head over to https://www.patreon.com/Darren... if you are interested in supporting me in this series.




Hello and welcome to my re-designed website!

Some refinements have been made and my improved online store is now built into the website. I decided not to import previous news posts at the moment because of some technical heft. One must try to live in the present anyhow. 

Since I'm here I may as well provide a summary of my current happenings...

Besides general admin of sales and marketing and when I get a moment to paint, I am finishing some 'Being' figurative works that have been left in limbo from the summer. So I will likely concentrate my painting efforts on finishing and then photographing any unfinished works so I can then prepare for some new and slightly evolved landscapes and additions to 'Being'. A bit of housekeeping I suppose. These weeks away from the easel also gives the benefit of allowing me to reflect and evaluate on the trajectory of my art with re-invigorated focus going forward. 

More frequent insights and updates of my day to day studio life is better seen through my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook presence which can be accessed via the linked icons at the bottom of the website.